What Is the Fat Smash Diet?

In America Weight Loss has become an industry and every other day some new diet plan is announced. Various dieticians, medical doctors and others have jumped into the fray. Protagonists and antagonists of various diet plans fight it out with claims and counter-claims until some new diet plan comes along to divert the attention.

Naturally people get a little skeptical about these diet plans. However, there are certain marked departures from the popular versions of diets in Dr. Ian Smith’s Fat Smash Diet. Firstly Dr. Smith’s diet is not proposed as a quick fix for losing weight but is proposed as a lifestyle approach on healthy eating, eating filling foods; secondly it lays stress on regular exercise and does not rely only on low calorie low fat diet.

Fat Smash Diet And Celebrity Fit Club

Fat Smash Diet has come to sudden prominence because of the platform of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club from which it got projected. This is a reality TV series based on an earlier British version. Eight overweight celebrities, split into two teams of four each, compete with each other as they try to lose weight. They are monitored and supervised by a team that includes a nutritionist, a psychologist, and a physical trainer. Dr. Smith was the nutritionist who put the competitors through his Fat Smash Diet.

Later Dr. Smith has published a book detailing the nutrition and fitness diet plan that he had used on the reality show. His diet plan has devised a weight loss plan based on scientific principles and is backed by research. This is an easy to follow diet plan; DR. Smith claims that his plan can be easily used by anybody, irrespective of whether the objective is to lose 10 lbs or 50.lbs.

Dr. Smith’s diet plan has four phases, each phase consists of 4 or 5 meals a day; the meals consist of raw, steamed, baked, or grilled food. In each phase a certain amount of exercises is a definite component.

Phase 1 of 9 days is to “detox” the mind and body, as Dr. Smith says. This phase consists of mostly vegetarian food with some egg and dairy products. 30 minutes of exercise for five days a week are necessary.

In phase 2 of 3 weeks duration more food options are allowed and cereals, lean meat and seafood is included in the diet. Exercise duration is increased to35 minutes per day for 5 days a week.

Phase 3 lasts for 4 weeks. More leniency in the food is given; Pasts, bread and desserts and a small scoop of ice cream or 2-3 cookies are allowed. Duration of exercises is increased to 40 minutes.

Phase 4 is a lifetime plan phase in which the dieter eats most foods and drinks he had previously enjoyed; even alcohol is permitted.

Dr. Smith’s plan gives long lists of foods you may enjoy while still being able to shed weight and it also gives a list of those you avoid.

DR. Smith’s fat Smash Diet gives much greater freedom to the dieter; he insists that his plan aims to change the dieter\'s \"relationship with food\".

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