Weight loss diet pill guarantees – what do they really offer?

You could argue that a guarantee is a guarantee. That it doesn’t matter as long as the weight loss supplement works.

But here is the thing.

Which diet pill would you feel more confident in? The one that can offer you a 180 day money back guarantee (Proactol™) or one that only lasts 2 weeks (Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills)?

If we’re honest, the one that offers a 180 day money back guarantee looks the most appealing. Why? Because it gives you chance to truly test the effectiveness of the product; to see if it does actually work for you in the long term and not for just a few weeks. Plus you can use it safe in the knowledge that if it doesn’t work you can get a full refund.

A 2 week guarantee on the other hand, screams unreliable.

Yes, you could say the reason it is only 2 weeks is because the manufacturers are so confident in their product. But think about it a moment. How much weight can you really lose in just 2 weeks?

For real long term weight loss that lasts dieticians recommend losing 1-2lbs a week. But if you – like we all do at first – stick to a strict diet and exercise regularly, you could easily lose this amount naturally without the help of a supplement.

The real proof over whether or not a weight loss supplement works becomes apparent during the long term; when it continues to help you to consistently lose weight, even when your confidence ebbs.

Take this scenario.

Proactol™ have recently teams up with UK bridal magazine YouAndYourWedding to offer brides the chance to lose weight and win a free getaway.

On top of their competition offer that gives winners an all inclusive pamper treatment at Champney Spa, Proactol™ are also offering winners a prize of a year’s free supply Proactol™.

Now whilst you could say in this scenario their 180 money back guarantee doesn’t count as it was given away freely, the guarantee does still work in promoting confidence. In proving to customers that it is a great prize to win.

Yes, all brides want to get away from the stresses of their wedding, but even the most toned of us, wants to lose a few lbs before we get married.

And Proactol™ can offer you just that.

A guarantee that their natural herbal supplement will work to help you lose those extra lbs, get in shape and help you to maintain it.

So a guarantee is more than a guarantee.

It is a symbol of confidence that give you the reassurance to lose weight before your wedding; to enter a competition with the hopes of winning a prize as well as help and the satisfaction of knowing you are making a sound investment.

For more information on Proactol™’s guarantee or their recent Champney Spa campaign, visit proactol.co.uk

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