Size Zero Pill Is Just For Horses

Sure! Size Zero Pill is just for horses and that too for sick horses. Its chemical name is Clenbuterol. This drug was developed as an asthma treatment for horses; it helped open horses\' breathing passages. The drug was FDA-approved and legal for use in horses. It is an irony, however, that it has found irresponsible users among humans.

How Does It Work

But it is not illegal to purchase and possess it for private use and it is quite easily available over the internet. Bodybuilders discovered that it could burn fat while allowing increase of muscles. It increases heart rate and the body temperature for long after it is consumed; thus even when the user is resting it helps burn fat. Its continued use, however, can have serious side effects and its use in professional sport is banned in Europe and the U.S.

Its misuse seems to have become more common among women because some of the fashion-icon girls from Hollywood have started using this extremely dangerous drug, to slim down ridiculously quickly. These girls have started looking seriously underweight, underfed; their arms are thin like chicken-wings, their hip and chest bones are protruding and their breasts are sagging. They are only a caricature of their former self.

The present society, especially the Hollywood-centric part, is obsessed with the lean look. And the fashion-icons who are over conscious of their looks find these drugs as miracle pills. In this mindless pursuit of fashion these women are hurtling themselves to absolute current fashion - Dress Size 0. It is this craze for losing weight, in spite of the gaunt look that has given this drug the nickname Size Zero Pill.

Dangers of Using Size Zero Pill

Some of the risks of continued use of Size Zero Pill are elevated blood pressure, and heart rate, severe palpitation and stroke. Its use may lead to insomnia, severe headaches and anxiety. Long-term use of this drug may cause the muscle wall to stiffen leading to cardiac problems.

It is commonly found that people with eating disorder do have cardiac problems. Abusing the body by use of drugs such as Clenbuterol for weight loss severely increases the risk of heart problems.

There are safer and saner aids to losing weight; there are slimming pills, the fat burning pills and duets, the fat-blocking pills such as Proactol and many others.

It is high time these fashion conscious women woke up to these extremely serious dangers and leave the Size Zero Pill for horses and just for horses.

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