What is the best appetite suppressant?

“What's the best appetite suppressant? I‘ve tried both drug based and herbal but I didn’t loss any weight. I am not sure what to do, but I guess there is an answer”. So many young people today sound like the lady I quoted here.

Now what are the things you are looking for in an appetite suppressant considering the fact that you may have to be on them for as long as possible, in many cases up to 12 months. You know that for sustained effect especially if you desire drastic weight loss the suppressants must be used for sustained periods. I know a lot of ladies want to do this as their wedding approaches and guys want to do this as summer crawls near looking to show off some six packs.

If you want to suppress your appetite in a healthy and safe way, stick to high-fiber foods and high water consumption. These two help to keep your stomach filled most of the time and so suppresses your appetite. The feeling of hunger actually emanates form the hunger pangs in an empty stomach and get sent to the brain where it is interpreted as hunger. So to suppress this, it is as simple as keeping the stomach filled most of the time.

However, you need to find a way of doing so without consuming excessive amount of calories. Two of the best high fiber anti suppressants available in the market include Proactol and Acai berries & its products.

These are the best appetite suppressants! We are meant to eat lots of high-fiber fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and we also function best when we consume a large amount of water to aid digestion and circulation.

Acai berries for example, are fruits from Brazil and apart from the high anti-oxidant contents are very rich in fiber. So it tends to expand in the stomach when eaten causing fast satisfaction when eating.

Another herbal appetite suppressant is Lipobind. It is a certified medical device product. It works with the same principle of acai berries. It controls food cravings by causing what you have eaten to expand in your stomach making you feel full and satisfied.

You may also want to try out Hoodia. Hoodia is said to work well. They come usually in combination with L-carnitine. For further information on the products I have mentioned here please Google the product word. There are tones of information out there for your use.

Another effective herbal supplement that is in popular use today is 5-HTP. It increases serotonin secretion in the brain; this is responsible for elevating your mood and also decreases your appetite for food.

When using these appetite suppressants, you should be careful that you do not suppress your appetite too much that you become malnourished due to inadequate food intake.

Above all these, you can still loss weight naturally by staying on a strict diet and exercising regularly without having to spend so much on fat binders or appetite suppressants and if you must use any form of medication, always consult your doctor.

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